Hello world!

Woke up this morning and decided that what the world really needed was another blog. 🙂

Welcome to the Perceptual Motion blog page.

Ultimately, it seems that most blogs want to share, “I love you.” Well, that’s a key purpose of this one, even it if may not be for most.

The second purpose for creating the Perceptual Motion website and this blog is to share the idea of, “Isn’t this neat?”

Usually the “Isn’t this neat?” stuff takes the form of sharing some type of juggling and/or object manipulation.

Don’t think the blog will be limited to just that, though. We’ll see.

take care, Todd

3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. David Aiken says:

    Hello Todd! Just curious about something… Would an investment in Todd Belly Futures help give you the energy to write another blog post? I’ve been waiting since July 20, 2008 to hear more from you and I think I might be just about ready to explode!

  2. todd says:

    Is it possible to “spot reduce” one’s feet?

    Yesterday my shoes seemed a bit ‘floppy’. I wonder if all of this exercise (rowing) is causing my feet to lose weight. They do look rather svelte this morning.

    Today I’m going to see if I can tie the laces a bit tighter.


  3. Todd says:

    Positive (inspirational?) message for the day:

    Lucky are those who get to meet their heroes.
    Fortunate are those whose heroes become their friends.
    Blessed are those whose friends become their heroes.

    May still polish it a bit.


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