New Games The Whole Earth Ball

In 1975 the New Games Foundation published The Whole Earth Ball on newsprint (and in black and white). Nancy Tyler was kind enough to loan me a copy so I could make some digital images.


Many thanks to the folks who created this publication: Barbara Naiditch, Ivan Olsen, David Wiggins, Pat Farrington, Gerry George, Sharon Skolnick, and Burton Naidtitch.


(Must admit this was a bit before more time with the Foundation. Have any information to share about this publication? Please send it along and I will update this page.


Click here to view The Whole Earth Ball as a PDF. Double-click to download. The file size is about 35 megabytes.

The Whole Earth Ball


front cover



inside front cover and page 1



pages 2 and 3



pages 4 and 5



pages 6 and 7



pages 8 and 9



pages 10 and 11



pages 12 and 13



pages 14 and 15



pages 16 and 17



pages 18 and 19



pages 20 and 21



pages 22 and 23



pages 24 and 25



pages 26 and 27



pages 28 and 29



pages 30 and 31



pages 32 and 33



pages 34 and 35



pages 36 and 37



pages 38 and 39



pages 40 and 41



pages 42 and 43



pages 44 and 45



pages 46 and 47



back and front cover




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