Welcome to Perceptual Motion. I'm Todd Strong, and this is where you can find information on my books and props. Are you interested in skill toys and activities for ages ten and up? Perceptual Motion provides top quality equipment and instructional materials.

Some people view Dice Stacking as magic. Others see it as more of a juggling skill. Whatever you think, it sure is fun. (Animation activates when cursor hovers over image.)

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Devil Sticks originated in China and became quite popular several years ago in the west. Come and see what the excitement is all about.

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Imagine a yo-yo that can fly! That's the fun you can have with a Diabolo.

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Play Hard

Play Fair

Nobody Hurt


One goal of The New Games Foundation was to become so good at promoting inclusive play that we would put ourselves out of business in five years. We lasted ten. Nice legacy, though.

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Peeps are pages where you can see the results of my hobby, taking photographs of birds.

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