Ball Juggling

What could be more fun than juggling?


Click here to see a short video of "Mr. World", a mechanical, wind-up juggler.

Here are some ball juggling patterns. The patterns are organized around the different ways one can throw a juggling ball. My experience has been that breaking down variations into how one throws has proven useful for many people.

Three Balls

Different Ways to Throw a Ball

Siteswap is a method of numbering juggling patterns. The number refers to the throwing order. A ball that is thrown with the number three will appear three steps down the sequence. As a result, one can use the numbers to estimate the height of throws. A five needs to be thrown higher than a three, as the five will show up five steps down the sequence.


Siteswaps don't specify what type of throw. As a result, the system is a different way of looking at juggling patterns. It can be very valuable. 


The links above will take you to the different points in the outline. Links in the outline will take you to pages with animated GIFs showing some of the variations. Additional GIF files will be added.

Ball Juggling Book Outline
Table of Contents
Section One - Learning How to Juggle
What type of juggling balls?
One Ball
one ball out of a three ball cascade = 300
Two Balls
two ball exchange = 330
Two in One Hand
Fountain - Circles Out
                  Reverse Fountain - Circles In

Sloppy, Difficult Way to Juggle two balls in one hand
Three Balls
Making Corrections
Section Two - Variations with Three Balls (Back to top)
High Cascade
Low Cascade
Wide Cascade
  • Cascade from Overhead
  • Throw One Ball High and then begin the juggle
  • High Throw with a Pause
    High Throw with a Two Ball Exchange
    Reverse Cascade
    Ping-Pong variation
    High half shower
    Half-Shower in the other direction
    Wide reverse cascade
                   Statue of Liberty
    Second Way to learn Statue of Liberty
    Underarm Statue of Liberty
    Tim's Tumble
    Tim's Over Tumble
    Tim's Under Tumble                
  • Adam's Web
  • Fountain (covered in section one)
    3B - 2B in right hand
    3B - 2B in left hand
                   Two in one hand tennis
    Two balls in right hand, one in left
    Two balls in left hand, one in right
  • Alternating middle ball between both hands
    weaving middle ball through pattern
    middle ball makes figure eight through pattern
    Ping Pong with Columns
    middle ball makes race pattern around two columns, showers around columns
  • middle ball makes box around both columns
    cut throughs
  • False Columns < - Faking a throw with one hand
  • Shower
  • Shower with a Stacked Multiplex
  • Shower with Split Multiplex
  • Shower with a Leak
  • Exchanging two balls after a high toss
  • High shower
    • High-low show
                Hand Out of Home Position
    Crossed Arms
    • Preliminary Exercise for Claws
    • How to Learn Claws
    • chops
    • clawed chops
    • wheel
    • triple claw
    • Tissage
    • Box with Slaps
    • Claws with Carries
    • Carry Under
    • Reverse Chops
    • Second Type of Reverse Chops
    Juggling with Other Parts of the Body (Back to top)
    Under the Chin
    starting under the chin
    finishing Under the Chin
    eat the Apple Trick
    Touch the ball to the body
    On Top of the Head
    Back of hand - Fingerplex
    Fingerplex toss up
    two ball fork exchange
    Twist &endash; Three ball fork exchange
    Ball surfing &endash;Rolling balls along the arms
    Neck catch
    Elbow catch
    Foot juggling
    Foot catch
    Bounces and Slaps
    Bounce off the hand
    Bounce off the forearm
    Roll off head
    Hand, forearm, head progression
    Flick off &endash; Bounce off a held ball
    Kangaroo &endash; Bounce off the shirt
    Bounce off the knee
    bounce off knee to foot then return to juggle
    Right, Right, Left
    Multiplex two balls with the left hand
    Right, Right, Left Multiplex
    Cascade and Reverse Cascade Mulitplexes
    Split Multiplexes and Non-split multiplexes
    Five Ball Split Multiplex
    Cascade Multiplex
    Split Multiplex
    Non-split multiplex
    continuous slicing
    Two hand weave
    Disappearing ball
    Bounce Juggling
    Section Three &endash; What else can you do with three balls? (Back to top)
    Juggling non standard objects
    Disparate Weights
    beach ball juggling
    comet - scarf tied around ball
    Starts, Stops and Transitions
    Hat finish
    stack and carry start
    Transitions from four to five to four
    Vesuvius &endash; Five ball start
    Moving While Juggling
    pirouette (1 high, 2 high and 3 high)
    flash pirouette
    continuous half-pirouettes
    Section Four - Four Balls and Variations (Back to top)
    Staggered Columns
    Four Ball Asynchronous Columns - Right In, Left Out
    Four Ball Asynchronous Columns - Right In, Left In
    Fountain - Circles Out
    Reverse Fountain - Inside Circles
    Synchronous Reverse Fountain
    Aynchronous (Staggered) Reverse Fountain
    Four Balls in Two Wall Planes
    Four Balls Crossed
    Four Ball Burke's Barrage
    Four Ball Cross Bounce
    633 Bounce
    Section Five - The Numbers Game - Five and more balls (Back to top)
    Three in one hand
    Three ball fountain in the right hand
    Reverse Fountain
    Five Balls
    Learning Five Ball Cacade
                   Five Ball Reverse Cascade
    half-shower = (4x,6x)
    half-shower on 5, (4x,6x) or 73
    Full Reverse Cascade
    shower = 91
    High Low Shower
    Five Ball Stacked Multiplex
    Five Ball Split Multiplex 
    one-up four-up
    Mills Mess
    Mills Mess columns (three variations)
    Five Ball bounce
    Lift bounce
    Force bounce
    Five Ball column bounce
    Six Balls
    Seven Balls - Cascade
    Eight Balls
    fountain = 8
    half shower = 97
    Nine Balls
    Section Six - Site Swaps (Back to top)
    Three Ball Site Swaps
                Four Ball Site Swaps
    Five Ball Site Swaps
    Section Seven - Juggling with Friends (Back to top)
    Every third
    every others &endash; four count
    everies &endash; two count
    Two handed passing
    Three count
    One count
    four four eight
    three three ten
    Passing Formations for three or more
    Section Eight - Practice Tips and Techniques (Back to top)
    Mind Set
    The Soviet Method of Numbers Juggling
    Correcting the X
    Other Theories of Numbers Juggling
    Personal thoughts
    Modifications on the Russian Method
    Stepwise Learning
    Working at different levels
    Are You a Thrower or a Catcher?
    Where Do You Look?
    Section Nine - Some Thoughts on Performing (Back to top)
    Share Your Love
    Working with music
    Choosing music
    What time signature?
    Finding and using the strong beats
    It takes ten years to become an overnight sensation
    Handling Drops
    Afterward-A Million Ways to Juggle Balls, at Least - Inventing New Variations 


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