Mills Mess Showing U-Ball

Mills Mess (named after Steve Mills) is one of the more elegant three ball juggling variations. The animations below break down the different throws.

The hands constantly cross and uncross, alternating between the top and bottom positions.

All three balls are thrown by both hands. Each ball is thrown by a unique throw. The striped ball is an underarm crossed-arm Reverse-Cascade. The white ball is an overarm crossed-arm Reverse-Cascade. The black ball is a regular Reverse-Cascade.

More in depth explanation with Steve Mills demonstrating.

Notice that the striped ball has its own path, a U-shape underneath the pattern of the two other balls.

The white and black balls both follow roughly the same reverse cascade figure eight pattern. In a reverse cascade the balls are thrown from the outside to the inside.

Throw the black ball as a standard Reverse-Cascade.

Throw the white ball as a crossed-arm Reverse-Cascade.

The black ball is always thrown with the hand on the same side of the body.

The white ball is always thrown when the hand is crossed over to the other side of the body.

The white ball is a crossed-arm Reverse-Cascade.


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