Club Juggling

Clubs add a third dimension to juggling. Along with throwing the object to the right place at the the right time, you also need to have the club oriented properly to your hand (or whatever is going to catch/stop the club). For most patterns this means spinning the club in a complete 360 degree rotation during the flight time. You can also spin doubles, triples or more. Some patterns involve spinning the club only 180 degrees.

The extension of the club along one dimension also allows for some interesting balances and placements, that can't be done with balls or rings.




A move that really shows off one of the properties of a club, the extra length along one dimension, is the flourish. Being able to spin the clubs in your hands and fingers as you juggle them adds a bit more polish to what you are doing.


Mike's Mess with Clubs



Club Gathering

Head Spins

Slap Backs

Doubles (one club)

Double Rainbow




Scissors Catch

 Four Clubs

Club Passing


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