Flourishing One Club While Juggling Three Clubs

Greg Bennick flourishes white club while juggling three clubs.

Continuous Flourishing of the Checked Club in Each Hand


Switch to continuous double spins when you are ready to flourish the striped club every time out of each hand. Actually, the checked club only spins one and one half times, since you catch that club in the inverted position. Both the white club and the black club should be full doubles, though.


With the high tosses of continuous doubles, there isn't any need to throw twice in a row with one hand. The throwing order should be a constant right, left, right, left. This also means that the order of the clubs remains the same. If you begin with the checked club and the black club in the right hand, the black club will always follow the checked club around the pattern.


Flourish with one club

Flourish with right hand while throwing a double with left hand

Flourish with all three clubs while juggling


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