A History of New Games and the New Games Foundation



There has been some recent interest in the history of New Games and the New Games Foundation. This page is an attempt to both share and collect some of that history.

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In 1976 a slide show about the history and philosophy of New Games was created.


"Make a Wish" was a children's television program on the ABC network. The segment "If You Were a Foot" was filmed at an early New Games Tournament. (The video lasts for three minutes and forty-five seconds.)


Warning: The entire slideshow runs a bit over twenty-seven minutes and features a soundtrack with a lot of banjo music. You may also be at risk of being amazed by the fashion sense of the mid-1970s.






Photos from the June 26, 2016, New Games re:Play forum


Photos from the June 25, 2016, New Games re:Play play session



Photos from the June 25, 2016, New Games Symposium


Photos from the June 24, 2016, New Games Reunion Potluck


Photos from the June 25, 2016, New Games Symposium


Photos from the June 26, 2016, New Games re:Play event


Photos from the June 26, 2016, (Public Conversation) New Games re:Play event


Additional Photos from the June 26, 2016, New Games re:Play event


New Games Foundation Workers and Players


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New Games in the Media




The Whole Earth Ball


Outline for a New Games Training


The New Games Training Manual




New Games photos


New Games around the World


Handwritten Trainers' Notes


Ephemera: Flyers, Newsletters, and Announcements mailed out by the NGF


Images from the New Games Slide Show


You can also view a running version of the New Games Slide Show, complete with soundtrack, dated fashion, and banjo music. Just click the button (directly below).


Other pages to be added in the future (not yet built)


Books and Resources of Cooperative Games

Tundra Topics

The New Games Reunion Weekend Saturday, June 25th & Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Please note: This event has already happened. It was great.


Dear Friends and Fellow Gamesters:


You Are Most Cordially Invited to Participate in

The New Games "re:Play ~ The History & Mystery

of New Games”

Symposium and Special Event


The New Games Reunion: consists of a weekend of Play, Fun and Celebration for New Gamesters of all vintages in two rounds.


Round 1: The Symposium Saturday, June 25, from 11am - 5pm

The Red Victorian, 1665 Haight Street, San Francisco


A one-day gathering of New Games staff and trainers, open to the general public, to dialogue and document the New Games Movement. Please note: While this event is free, we are suggesting a donation of five to ten dollars be made to thank our hosts, the folks at the Red Victorian.


Won't be able to attend in person? You can attend the Saturday Symposium online through Google Hangouts. You will need a Google account and pass along your e-mail address in advance to attend virtually. Please send your e-mail address to: n e w g a m e s a t t o d d s t r o n g d o t c o m (You will need to remove all the spaces and substitute the words "at" and "dot" with the appropriate symbols.)


The New Games Symposium at the Red Vic Hotel


Information on setting up a Google Hangouts account



Round 2: The re:Play Special Event Sunday, June 26, from 11am - 5pm

The Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin Headlands


An open Fishbowl Dialog of New Gamesters, to tell the Story(ies) of New Games and The New Games Movement (past, present, and future), followed by lunch and a New Games Festival in a large field adjacent to the Headlands Center for the Arts with a Final Debrief. Open and free to the Public.


There will also be a Juggling and Object Manipulation area. Take a break from the games and learn how to juggle, manipulate flower/devil sticks, swing poi, spin a diabolo, stack dice, and/or play with other skill-based toys.


There are two types of people in the world, bubble makers and bubble poppers. Discover your destiny in the Bubble Oasis zone of the festivities.


Additional information and lunch reservations for the Sunday event can be found here:

Headlands Center for the Arts


Please Invite Friends, Family and Local Contacts to Attend



Additional information will be added as it becomes available. Thanks.


Please note: It has been suggested that some of the "old" New Games may have to be modified to accommodate the passing of years. Below are some possible adaptations:


British Bulldog has changed to British Lapdog.

Stand Up is now called Please Help Me Up.

A What? will be a component of all of the games.

Octopus has morphed into Octogenarian.

Human Spring involves just shaking hands, adventurous players may attempt a hug.

Lap Game now has optional equipment, chairs.

Prui no longer requires players to close their eyes, just take off their glasses (suggested by Nancy).

Quick Lineup may require a new adjective.

Last Detail is less focused on what your fellow player is wearing and more on remembering who s/he is.


Any other suggestions?


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