An overview of games that require skill


An overview of games and activities that require skill 


Whether you're playing a game online, sorting out a puzzle in your head, or playing an outdoor activity, most games require some sort of skill. For the most part games seem to have moved onto the Internet, PCs and consoles, where very little physical effort needs to be taken.


Below are some ideas on different types of skill activities.


Juggling - The art of juggling several objects from one hand to the next, takes precision, timing, practise and skill. Some people give up before they've even tried, while others persevere and eventually, after a long while, everything clicks. The great thing about juggling, is that the muscle memory never really leaves you once you've conquered it. 


Darts - The thrill of throwing a dart at the dartboard, and hitting the centre is one of a kind. Can you do it twice in a row though? It's not easy, that's for certain. In the beginning it's just guess work, but after a while your critical eye has a better grasp of which position could land the dart where.


Magic tricks - We all like to think we could work out how a magician completes a trick, but most of the time we can't. Especially if it's an illusionist. Card tricks, optical illusion, misplacement; they're all part of a magicians repertoire, and require a lot of hand eye coordination and quick fingers.




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