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I will be happy to autograph books to specific individuals. Please let me know if the book is for you, or a gift for someone else (and that person's name). Near the end of the ordering process a box should appear to let you type in the name to whom the book should be autographed.


Thanks. Todd

When does my order ship?


Orders usually ship once a week on Monday. Orders received by eight a.m. on the previous Saturday morning (west coast of North America time) will usually go out the following Monday or Tuesday. The next batch of orders will ship on Tuesday, December 24, 2019.


Please e-mail me in advance if you are placing an order to the Philippines. We need to arrange a different type of shipping. Orders have made it successfully to the Phillipines, and it can be tricky.


thanks, Todd


Update - February 16, 2019

Brand-new leather dice cups and uncancelled casino dice are now available. They are gorgeous.




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The next batch of orders will go out on Tuesday, December 24, 2019.


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