A few words about inside versus outside swings. Club swinging practitioners determine the name for the direction of a circle from the top, or twelve o'clock position. If the club swings down from the top to the area between the arms it is considered an inside circle. If the club swings down to the outside of either arm it is called an outside circle. I'm continuin with this tradition from club swinging to determine inside and outside circles.


I've run into several people who work with shaker cups, and also those who manipulate tennis balls and cans, who utilize a different system. Many of these people determine whether a swing is inside or outside from the bottom, or six o'clock position of the circle. This makes sense if one works with only shaker cups or tennis balls and cans. Most of the swings originate from the bottom half of the circle. For these people an inside swing is clockwise for the right hand and counterclockwise for the left hand.


As I'm trying to place the descriptions of all of these moves into the broadest frame possible, I have chosen to be consistent with the nomenclature from club swinging. To eliminate confusion I also mention whether an inside or outside swing is clockwise or counterclockwise. I trust this honoring of tradition does not cause any problems.


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