Hand in Cup Grip

Not obvious to some people, at least it wasn’t to me, is to support a shaker cup by turning the cup upside down, and putting your hand inside the inverted cup. (see photo)

The following article first appeared in the Spring 2007 issue of JUGGLE magazine, the official publication of the International Jugglers' Association. The publisher has kindly given permission to reproduce it here.



Bottom to Bottom Catch


Start with your right hand in the black cup using the Hand-in-Cup Grip, and you can perform a nice balance, with the bottom of the white cup resting on top of the bottom of the inverted black cup.


Begin with your right hand inserted into the upside-down black cup. Your right hand holds the white cup upside down. (see photo 1)


With your left hand toss the white cup up and over to the black cup. Throw the white cup so it makes a one-half of a turn in the air. (see photo 2)


Catch the bottom of the white cup on the bottom of the inverted black cup. (see photo 3)


Many thanks to David Aiken, The Checkerboard Guy, for modeling the shaker cups move on this page.


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