The cascade is the basic type of juggling throw. Elbows at the sides, each hand makes a circle from the center of the body up and to the outside. The right hand circles clockwise as the juggler looks at it. The left hand circles counterclockwise.


Throws are on the inside, catches on the outside. Each hand holds the ball for the lower half of the circle, carrying the ball from the outside to the center. The empty hand finishes the top half of the circle and catches the ball on the outside.

The illustration aabove was created by digital artist Todd Beck. Todd used the animated GIF file above to accurately create the motion lines.


Toss one ball from hand to hand in a sideways figure eight pattern. Count "one" when you throw and "two" when you catch.


The Exchange (Two Balls)


Once you have the figure eight pattern down, try two balls. Throw the second (striped) ball out of the left hand when the first (black) ball reaches the top of its arc.


Count "one" when you throw the black ball. On "two" throw the striped ball and catch the black ball.


Count "three" as you catch the striped ball in your right hand.


You may want to practice beginning with the left hand, as well.

Juggling Three Balls


Throw the third ball when the second ball reaches its peak. On "one" throw the first ball. "Two" throw the second ball and catch the first (exchange). On "three" throw the third ball and catch the second (exchange).


Keep throwing the ball that is in your hand before you catch the descending ball. Throws alternate between the left and right hands.


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