Jay's Jazz

Jay Gilligan demonstrates Jay's Jumble. Pre-exercises below. Final pattern consists of executing second warm-up first. During the flight path of the high toss, carry out the first warm-up.

Notice, though, that performing the first warm-up changes things around. In this variation the hand that is crossed over makes the high toss, not the hand that is crossed under.

The empty hand, still crossed over, executes the first warm-up with the incoming ball it just caught.

First warm-up: with two balls. (One ball in each hand)

Hand that is crossed over throws ball straight up in a column throw. Empty hand that just threw the ball crosses under the other arm and catches the same ball it just threw.

Repeat with other hand.

Second warm-up: with three balls.

Right hand, that is crossed undnerneath, throws a high cascade to left hand. Still crossed under, right hand catches incoming ball.

While ball is in the air, uncross and recross arms so left hand is underneath. Left hand throws high cascade to right hand and catches incoming ball.



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