Sean's Shuffle

Sean Gandini, of the Gandini Juggling Project demonstrates Sean's Shuffle.

Pre-exercises below. If you combine the crossed under arm catch of the first warm-up with the third warm-up, and add some large arm circles, you should have it.

First warm-up: one ball.

High toss to other hand.

Catch and throw a low cascade to the same hand. While the ball is in the air, the hand that just threw crosses under the other hand to catch the ball.

Repeat both high and low toss (with under arm cross) with other hand.

Second warm-up: two balls

Simultaneously throw a high toss to other hand and a low toss to same hand. Before catching high ball, catch low ball and cascade throw to opposite hand.

Repeat on opposite side.

Third warm-up: three balls

Same as warm-up with two balls. Notice that all balls fly through all positions.


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