Eagle and Eaglet June 15, 2019


These photoes were taken on June 15, 2019. This establishing shot shows the lone tree next to the Shell station.


This zoomed-in shot from the same spot as above shows the eagle behind leaves.


Fortunately, there was a more-open view once I walked to the left of the pumps.


At first, the eaglet was not visible from the nest, so I focused on the parent.


I was there for well over thirty minutes. The eagle did not leave that spot the entire time.


All of these photos were taken at the Shell Center in Point Roberts, Washington.


The address is 423 Tyee Drive, Point Roberts, Washington.


Here is the web site.


This is the Facebook page for the station.


Finally, I noticed some activity in the nest.


I was hoping to catch some images of the eaglet feeding.


However, that never happened while I was there.


The eaglet started exploring a bit.


Once again, I'm impressed with how well some of these shots turn out. (Perhaps not this one so much.)


The camera is set at ASA 400.


I'm not using a tripod.


Sometimes you just have to accept what is offered.


Patience pays off with a better shot.


Back to partially hidden profile.


Zoomed out to show the entire nest.


At first, I was going to delete this image. Then I noticed the interesting, full-on, partial view of the beak.


Zoom back in for a final close-up image.


Back to the patient parent.


During the entire shoot this eagle did not change its perch.


Another close up of that fantastic profile.


Someone with more discipline would probably edit these last few shots.


I'm too enthralled at my good fortune in finding a bald eagle who is will to sit still for so long.


A quick zoom out,


and then back in for a final shot.


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