Eagles May 18, 2019


These photoes were taken on May 18, 2018.


A rare opportunity to see both eagles protecting the nest.


One (I assume the male) soon flew away, leaving this majestic eagle who just can't seem to stop posing.


Am getting more comfortable finding the subject. These were photos were taken without a tripod.


Getting a little better at framing and zooming in even more.


Once in a while an awkward shot makes it look as if the eagle is hiding.


At other times it seems she (sic?) is posing.


Am happy with this next series of four shots.


Was able to keep the frame and zoom in at the same time.


Just a bit more zoom.


Have to assume she sees the activity (me) below and just doesn't care.


Just two more shots and then it's time to go.


A last close-up before trying to get some images of an eagle in flight.


Earlier in the day the eagles had been taunting me by soaring above while I was in the car. Each time, they had flown away by the time I managed to park and get the camera ready. Finally decided it was time to try and get some action shots.


Here are the results of me still learning how to use the telephoto lends AND frame the shot.


Admittedly, it's a bit indulgent to post these early attempts to capture an eagle of flight.


Future shots will (I hope) be better.














While this isn't an eagle, I could not resist the temptation to try and take a photo of a passing airliner.


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